Lifesaving World Championships 2024

Ocean Board – A Beginner’s Guide

Top ocean board riders converge to go head-to-head in a test of strength, balance, and ocean knowledge at the Lifesaving World Championships 2024. This blog breaks down the pulse-pounding action of the ocean board events, where competitors negotiate the surf, race past buoys, and compete to be the first back to shore.

Board Race

The Board Race kicks off with athletes sprinting into the water, racing against unpredictable conditions while carrying their racing boards. Mounting the craft with precision, competitors embark on a grueling paddle out to a string of buoys approximately 250 meters from the shoreline. Alongside this buoy line, a high level of skill is required to navigate the surf and competitors, avoiding getting pushed out of line. Competitors showcase their ocean knowledge by strategically catching the best wave to ride all the way to the shore.

Board Relay

The Board Relay, an action-packed team event, mirrors the individual board race but with a gripping twist. Involving three athletes in a relay-style race, each participant completes the course by paddling around a string of buoys approximately 250 meters from the shore. After a strategic paddle, the athlete returns to shore, completing the race with a short sprint around a turning flag before tapping their teammate on the start line. Centred around the principles of the individual board race, the Board Relay emphasizes consistency between teammates. The key lies in using surf knowledge to catch the best wave into shore.


The Board Rescue event stands out as a unique team challenge, featuring only two athletes with distinct specializations. Simulating a rescue scenario, the first athlete, acting as the patient, swims approximately 120 meters out to a buoy and signals for help by raising their hand. In response, the second team member, equipped with a board, paddles out to the patient, picks them up, and races back to shore. To secure victory, both athletes must be holding the rescue board as they cross the finish line.

From the sprinting intensity of the Board Race to the strategic maneuvers of the Board Relay and the dynamic rescue scenarios in the Board Rescue event, these challenges define the pinnacle of ocean board riding.