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The world’s best ocean swimmers will race each other along the pristine Gold Coast coastline in various ocean swimming events. Competitors will test their swim skills and ocean knowledge as they compete in a short-distance swim, there’s nothing quite like ocean swimming with a view!

ocean ski

The top ocean ski athletes from around the world will come together in a surf sport discipline that is exciting for both competitors and spectators alike. The constantly changing ocean conditions hold the power to make or break a competitor’s race. In an ocean ski race, it is anyone’s race for the Gold medal.

ocean board

You’ll see the best ocean board riders from around the world go head-to-head in events that are a test of strength, balance and ocean knowledge. Competitors in the ocean board events have to negotiate with the surf as they race to past the buoys beyond the break, and be the first back to shore. It’s all about knowing which wave is going to ride you all the way to the finish line.


The surf sport discipline of ocean rescue not only focuses on the athleticism of competing lifesavers, but it also tests their knowledge and vital skills required to excel as a patrolling member. Ocean rescue events typically involve lifesavers competing in a simulated rescue or accident scenario, in which their management of the scenario is assessed. 


Watch the best pool rescue swimmers in the world compete against each other in the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre’s Olympic sized pool in various events in an attempt to test their lifesaving rescue skills. This competition is designed to enhance lifesavers’ rescue skills and accuracy.



In the various beach track events, you will see the world’s fastest and most agile lifesavers go head-to-head on the sand. This discipline involves different events such as beach flags, beach sprint and team relays.


This is an event not for the faint hearted. Surf boat races are a test of skill and determination, as teams from around the world go head-to-head in their surf boats past the breaking waves and the buoy, to return to shore before the other crews.


IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat) Racing is often referred to as the ‘motor sports of surf lifesaving’. This high-octane lifesaving sport will see IRB crews from around the world racing against each other to be the first back to shore. All competitors in this discipline share a need for speed, but at it’s core, this discipline is all about the simulation of rescue situations and how the crew members perform.

ironman & ironwoman

The Oceanman/Oceanwoman event, also known as the Taplin event, is the ultimate test of speed, skill, courage and endurance. This gruelling event combines most of the lifesaving disciplines in ocean swimming, running, ocean ski paddling and ocean board paddling.