Lifesaving World Championships 2024

Mastering Ocean Rescue Event

The surf sport discipline of ocean rescue not only focuses on the athleticism of competing lifesavers, but it also tests their knowledge and vital skills required to excel as a patrolling member. Ocean rescue events typically involve lifesavers competing in a simulated rescue or accident scenario, in which their management of the scenario is assessed. This event is perfect for those who love to mix their knowledge and skill from every aspect of lifesaving. To know what happens in the various ocean rescue events, see the descriptions below.


In the Rescue Tube Rescue event, a team of four individuals – a patient, a Rescue Tube swimmer, and two rescuers – collaborates to execute a simulated rescue. The Rescue Tube swimmer ventures behind the buoy line, securing the rescue tube around the patient, and then tows the patient back to the shore. Upon returning to the beach, the two rescuers must either drag or carry the patient past the finish line. This event is designed to assess participants’ knowledge and skill in executing rescue techniques in a realistic scenario.


The Rescue Tube Race event is an individual race that builds upon the rescue tube technique. Athletes commence the race by sprinting to recover their rescue tube, securing the belt, and embarking on a swim towards their designated buoy, strategically positioned behind the break. The race concludes when the athlete places their arm over the buoy and raises it in the air. This high-energy race emphasises precision and unfolds as an action-packed sequence from start to finish.

In conclusion, ocean rescue competitions are not merely displays of physical prowess; they demand a comprehensive understanding of rescue scenarios and the ability to execute precise techniques. The Rescue Tube Rescue and Rescue Tube Race events exemplify the amalgamation of knowledge and skill required for success in the challenging realm of ocean rescue.