Lifesaving World Championships 2024

Understanding surf rescue events

It is not just the pool rescue events at the Lifesaving World Championships which closely resemble real-life situations. There are a number of surf events which simulate rescues with equipment used while lifesavers and lifeguards on patrol.

Board Rescue

The Board Rescue is an exciting event which simulates a patient being rescued by a board paddler and returning to shore.

The sporting version of this rescue sees a swimmer race out to their mark on a string of buoys and raise there hand to signal the board paddler.

Once the board paddler gets the signal, they paddle to their swimmer who gets on the board.

After rounding the buoys they both paddle back to shore and must both be holding the board as they cross the finish line.

Rescue Tube Rescue

This is an event involving four team members – a patient, a swimmer and two rescuers.

The swimmer swims out behind the buoy line and secures the rescue tube around the patient before tow the patient back to the beach.

Once at the shoreline, two rescuers must drag or carry the patient past the finish line.

Rescue Tube Race

This individual event sees competitors race up the beach to get their rescue tube, put it on, then swim to their designated buoy.

When at the buoy the competitor touches it and raises their hand to signal the end of their race.