Lifesaving World Championships 2024

Clean pairs of heels – Beach events at LWC 2024

Some of the hottest action at the Lifesaving World Championships 2024 will be on the sand with a range of beach events set to be contested across the National Teams and Interclub competitions.

It is in these beach events where we will no doubt see some of the smaller nations excel, with strong athletes transitioning their speed from track to sand.

LWC 2024 entries close on Friday 5 July – Click here to enter today!

From the explosive nature of flags to the kilometres-long relays, here’s our guide to the beach events at LWC 2024.

Beach Sprint

This event most closely resembles a non-lifesaving event which you might see at any track and field meet. Competitors take their positions in their allotted lanes, and at the starting signal race the 90m course to the finish line.

The finish is judged on the competitor’s chest crossing the finish line.

Competitors must finish the event on their feet in an upright position.

Athletes progress through the competition rounds based on their race position, not on time.

Beach Relay

Teams of four individuals (three in Masters) compete in baton relay fashion over the same 90m course as the Beach Sprint.

After the start each competitor completes a leg of the course with a baton held in either hand and passes the baton at the conclusion of the first, second, and third legs to the next runner.

Runners must successfully change the baton within a specified distance.

Beach Flags

Flags is one of the most exciting events at any surf carnival and can often draw big crowds.

From a prone starting position on the beach, competitors rise, turn and race to obtain a baton (beach flag) buried upright in the sand approximately 20m away.

Since there are always fewer batons than competitors, those who fail to obtain a baton are eliminated until the champion emerges.

Beach Run

The beach run is usually contested on the sand over an out-and-back 500m course.

Depending on the age group, 1km or 2km races are held. 

Beach Run Relay

The Beach Run Relay is raced over the same course as the beach run.

There are three competitors on each team who, with the relay legs lasting 1km.

The Gold Coast Aquatic Centre plays host to the Pool events at Lifesaving World Championships 2024 with 15 days of competition between 23 August and 8 September. Click here to see the schedule of events across Interclub and National Teams competitions.

Image: Deepblue Media