Lifesaving World Championships 2024

Medleys, SERC & Super Lifesaver – understanding Pool Rescue events

In the second part of our series in understanding the pool rescue events which form half of the Lifesaving World Championships, we look at the multidiscipline races as well as the highly regarded SERC. Click here for Part 1.

This series of events are mixed between individual and team events, blending skill, expertise, strength and speed.

LWC 2024 entries close on Friday 5 July – Click here to enter today!

Super Lifesaver
While this is an endurance event, competitors need to go flat-out to be competitive in this true pool rescue test.

Super Lifesaver essentially combines the manikin carry and manikin tow disciplines over a distance of 200m. It requires a 75m swim before a 25m mannikin carry, followed by a 50m swim before a manikin tow.

Rescue Medley
The competitor swims 50m freestyle to turn, dive, and swim underwater to a submerged manikin located at 20m distance for men and 15m distance for women.

The competitor surfaces the manikin within the 5 m pick-up line, and then carries it the remaining distance to the finish edge of the pool.

At Riccione 2022, Germany’s Nina Holt set a new World Record to take gold ahead of Australia’s Lani Pallister, before improving the mark last year in Belgium.

Medley Relay
The first competitor swims 50m freestyle without fins, followed by the second competitor who swims 50m freestyle with fins. The third competitor swims 50m freestyle pulling a rescue tube and after having touched the wall, passes the harness of the rescue tube to a fourth competitor who wears fins. The third competitor, playing the role of “victim,” holds the rescue tube with both hands, while being towed 50 m by the fourth competitor to the finish.

SERC – Simulated Emergency Response Competition
An event for lifesaving purists, SERC focuses on emergency response, rescue skills and initiative of lifesavers.

It involves lifesavers reacting to an emergency situation that is unknown to them when they arrive at the venue.

Conducted in both individual and team formats, competitors are judged and scored on rescue principles, emergency care, teamwork and communication.

The Gold Coast Aquatic Centre plays host to the Pool events at Lifesaving World Championships 2024 with 15 days of competition between 23 August and 8 September. Click here to see the schedule of events across Interclub and National Teams competitions.

Image: Deep Blue Media