Lifesaving World Championships 2024

welcome to queensland

Here in Queensland, there’s plenty to do. But there’s even more to find. Like swimming through the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef among coral that’s thousands of years old, or getting lost in wonder as you explore the world’s oldest surviving rainforest.

Watch the sunrise on a beach empty except for the friendly local wallabies. Slip your snorkel on and help survey the reef with just your iPhone. Experience the wonder of new life as you watch baby turtles hatch on the shores of the beach their mother was born at. In Queensland, there’s so much more to do than just relax. 

You’ll find experiences like nowhere else on the planet, but where the most simple moments are just as memorable. Where we can reconnect with nature, ourselves and our loved ones by finding joy in both the big and little things, together.

Simply put – your Days Like This are waiting. 

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