Lifesaving World Championships 2024

The Oceanman/Oceanwoman event, also known as the Taplin event, is the ultimate test of speed, skill, courage and endurance. This gruelling event combines most of the lifesaving disciplines in ocean swimming, running, ocean ski paddling and ocean board paddling.

To know what happens in the Oceanman/Oceanwoman events, see the descriptions below.


Competitors cover a 1,200m course that includes an ocean swim leg, a board leg, a surf ski leg, and a beach sprint finish. Conditions of racing for each leg are as generally required for the individual conditions of that discipline, including the rules governing the component disciplines: ocean ski races, ocean board races, ocean swim races, beach sprints.

Oceanman/Oceanwoman Relay

Teams of 4 competitors (1 swimmer, 1 board paddler, 1 surf ski paddler, and 1 runner) cover the course in a sequence of legs determined by draw at the start of each world championship programme.

The run leg is always the final leg.

If the ski leg is first, competitors shall start with a typical in-water start.

(Masters: Teams of 3 competitors – 1 swimmer, 1 board paddler, 1 surf ski paddler. There is no running leg in Masters Ocean Relay.)