Lifesaving World Championships 2024

The world’s best ocean swimmers will race each other along the pristine Gold Coast coastline in various ocean swimming events. Competitors will test their swim skills and ocean knowledge as they compete in a short-distance swim, there’s nothing quite like ocean swimming with a view!

To know what happens in the various ocean swim events, see the descriptions below.


This action-packed event centres around a 400m (approximate) swim. Beginning with a short running start from the sand, the competitors will race into the water and complete the 400m ocean swim course, designed around a string of buoys placed behind the ocean break. Competitors will return to shore and sprint through to the finish line, 50m – 100m from the ocean shore.

This event is perfect for those competitors who thrive in swimming both in the pool and in the ocean.


This team event is run a little differently than a normal team relay. For this event, a team consists of three (3) members and all team members compete at the same time, not in the typical relay format. Similar to the individual Surf Race, all competitors start at the same time along the sand facing the water. All members of the team will sprint a short distance into the water and complete the fast-paced swim of approximately 400m around the same course, outlined by the buoys.

Upon returning to shore, the competitors will sprint to the finish line and be placed in order of finishing. This is when the team point scores are calculated based on each team members placing. In this event, any team can be the winner… it’s all about team consistency!


The Run, Swim, Run event is the perfect combination for those competitors that thrive in both water and land disciplines. This individual event includes a medium sized run around a turning flag, followed by entering the water for a swim around the several buoys placed behind the ocean break and returning to shore to complete the same run around the turning flag, with a sprint to the finish line.