The top ocean ski athletes from around the world will come together in a surf sport discipline that is exciting for both competitors and spectators alike, as the ocean conditions on the day can make or break someone’s race.

Each surf ski race will see competitors splintering through the barrelling Gold Coast waves, to get beyond the break and pass the buoys, before finding their way back to shore.

To know what happens in the various ocean ski events, see the descriptions below.

Surf Ski Race

Competitors steady their skis in line about 1.5m apart, in knee-deep water.

Competitors must obey directions from the starter or check starter concerning ski alignment at the start.

On the starting signal, competitors paddle their skis around the course marked by buoys (approx. 300m out to sea) and return to finish when any part of the ski crosses the in-water finish line – ridden, gripped, or carried by the competitor.

Surf Ski Relay

The ski relay race shall be conducted under the general rules of the ski race. Teams shall consist of 3 competitors, who may use the same craft. Each competitor will run around turning flags positioned on the beach prior to tagging their fellow competitor.

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