Lifesaving World Championships 2024

The surf sport discipline of ocean rescue not only focuses on the athleticism of competing lifesavers, but it also tests their knowledge and vital skills required to excel as a patrolling member.

Ocean rescue events typically involve lifesavers competing in a simulated rescue or accident scenario, in which their management of the scenario is assessed. This event is perfect for those who love to mix their knowledge and skill from every aspect of lifesaving.

To know what happens in the various ocean rescue events, see the descriptions below.

Team Rescue Tube Rescue

This event consists of 4 persons – a patient, a Rescue Tube swimmer and two rescuers. The rescue tube swimmer swims out behind the buoy line to secure the rescue tube around the patient and then tow the patient back to the beach. On return to the beach, two rescuers must drag or carry the patient past the finish line. This event is based on rescue scenario’s and requires great knowledge and skill of rescue techniques.

Rescue Tube Race

Based on the tube rescue technique, this individual race begins with the athletes sprinting to recover their rescue tube, secure the belt and proceed to swim out to their designated buoy, placed in a row behind the break. Once the athlete reaches the buoy, the race is concluded when they place their arm over the buoy and raise their arm in the air. This race is all about the detail and is actin packed from start to finish.