You’ll see the best ocean board riders from around the world go head-to-head in events that are a test of strength, balance and ocean knowledge.

Competitors in the ocean board events have to negotiate with the surf as they race to past the buoys beyond the break, and be the first back to shore. It’s all about knowing which wave is going to ride you all the way to the finish line.

To know what happens in the various ocean board events, see the descriptions below.

Board Race

Competitors stand on or behind the start line on the beach with their boards 1.5m apart.

At the start signal, competitors enter the water, launch their boards, and paddle the course marked by buoys (approx. 250m out to sea), return to the beach, and run to cross the finish line.

Board Relay

The Board Relay event shall be conducted under the general rules of the Board Race event. Teams shall consist of 3 competitors, who may use the same craft. Each competitor will run around turning flags positioned on the beach prior to tagging their fellow competitor.

Board Rescue

In this event, 1 member of the team races approximately 120m to a designated buoy, signals, and waits to be picked up by the second member of the team on a board.

They both paddle to shore and cross the finish line on the beach with the board.

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