Lifesaving World Championships 2024

You’ll see the best ocean board riders from around the world go head-to-head in events that are a test of strength, balance and ocean knowledge.

Competitors in the ocean board events have to negotiate with the surf as they race to past the buoys beyond the break, and be the first back to shore. It’s all about knowing which wave is going to ride you all the way to the finish line.

To know what happens in the various ocean board events, see the descriptions below.


Each athlete sprints into the water whilst carrying their racing board and mounts the craft whilst balancing the unpredictable conditions and begin the gruelling paddle out to the string of buoys approximately 250m from shoreline. Whilst racing along side the line of buoys, each competitor needs a high level of skill to negotiate the surf and other competitors, to ensure that they don’t get pushed out of line and cut a can, otherwise their race will be over.

The athlete’s ocean knowledge is put to the test again as they go head to head to catch the best wave all the way to shore and sprint across the finish line. This event is open to all ages and will test the best athletes across the world as they compete in the everchanging landscape of the Gold Coast.


Similar to the individual board race, this action packed and gripping team event consists three (3) athletes. In a relay style race, each athlete will complete the course by paddling out approximately 250m from the shore and around a string of buoys, returning to shore and finishing with a short sprint around a turning flag and tapping their team mate on the start line. This relay is centred around each individuals board race, it is all about consistency between team mates and using the knowledge of the surf to catch the best wave into shore.


The Board Rescue is unlike any team event and consists of only two (2) athletes, both specialising in different disciplines. Based on a rescue, the first athlete (the patient) will swim approximately 120m out to a buoy and signal help to their team mate by raising their hand in the air. Once signalled, the other team member will use their board to paddle out to the patient, pick them up on the board and return to shore.

To win, both athletes need to be holding the rescue board and cross the line first. This event is solely focused on the skill of each athlete to execute their portion of the event and work together to make it back to the finish line safely. This event is one to watch!