Lifesaving World Championships 2024

In the various beach track events, you will see the world’s fastest and most agile lifesavers go head-to-head on the sand. This discipline involves different events such as beach flags, beach sprint and team relays.

To know what happens in the various beach track events, see the descriptions below.

­­­Beach Flags

From a prone, lying down starting position on the beach, competitors rise, turn and race to obtain a baton (beach flag) buried upright in the sand approximately 20m away.

Since there are always fewer batons than competitors, those who fail to obtain a baton are eliminated.

Beach Sprint

Competitors take their positions in their allotted lanes. At the starting signal, competitors race the 90m beach course to the finish line. The finish is judged on the competitor’s chest crossing the finish line.

Competitors must finish the event on their feet in an upright position.

Beach Run

2 km: Competitors race 2000m on the beach in four 500m legs
1 km: Competitors race 1000m on the beach in two 500m legs

Beach Relay

Teams of 4 individuals (3 in Masters) compete in baton relay fashion over a 90m beach course.

To start, 2 (1 and 2 members in Masters) competitors take positions in their allotted lane at each end of the course.

After the start, each competitor completes a leg of the course with a baton held in either hand and passes the baton on at the conclusion of the first, second, and third legs to the next runner.